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Nobby's Camino Page

We completed the distance in 31 days with our shortest walk being 13 klms (8 miles) and the longest 30 klms (19 miles). Our route is shown by the heavy blue line on the map, while the short red line shows the extra distance from the mountains.


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Days 1 - 9

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Days 10 - 22

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# 3
Days 23 - 31

Index #3

We made many friends on the walk - especially some from Brazil.
One of those was Alexandre who adopted us as surrogate parents.
His site is here
Alex site

Friends of ours, Jeff and Pam, walked the Camino with Andrew in 2001.
Andrew's site which has Camino photos is here

Andrew's site is being re-developed, so if the above doesn't work
Andrew new home page and follow the links to the short Europe trips.

Jeff and Pam do a major walk each year, and in 2004 they walked a pilgrim trail in Italy. Photos of this trip can be viewed at Pam & Jeff