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Search Engines

I have used many
search engines over
the years:- Scroogle,
Yippy, StartPage, and
others, but have now
returned to Google.

If you are worried about
data recording then
probably StartPage
is your best option. It uses
the Google algorithm
but keeps no records.

Google and Yahoo keep
very detailed records
of every thing you do
on the Internet. These
records can be passed
to third parties.
Yippy (formerly Clusty)
does not keep records,
but it does "regulate"
which sites it displays.

I used to have a
website, but it is
now just an
historical record of
my spiritual journey
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Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

-- Maori proverb



My blog page has not been updated since 2012. Hence, many of the pics
as well as other news are a bit out of date.
I have recently updated my computer instruction pages.
I have not added any songs since early 2009.

Si hablas español,
haz click aquí

Last amended 8 December 2016

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Blog Page                  --    My travel diary and news
Travel pics                 --    Pictures from the South America trip
Computer instruction  --    for those wanting to learn to use PC's      
Life Attitudes             --    ideas to improve your life
Must-read books:       --    summaries of books which have changed my
life and which I hope you also might be encouraged to read.



My name is Chris but I am known to many friends by my former nickname, Nobby - hence the name of this site. I'm from the state of Queensland, in Australia. This site started as a collection of Spanish song lyrics and photos of the Camino de Santiago. Then came family photos, and some quotations.

In late 2005 I added some pages on computer instruction which was my professional field.

In 2006 I included some pages about life attitudes which could help you improve your life. We have been on a spiritual journey for much of our adult lives and have listened to or read many famous teachers and authors. Some of that wisdom is reproduced in the Attitudes pages. Additionally, I have given summaries of some books which I believe contain vitally useful information - information which could help you to improve your life beyond belief. I hope you take the time to read these pages and can benefit from them.

I have gathered together the lyrics of many of the Spanish songs which I have in my collection. It took me many months and countless hours of work to locate the lyrics and in most cases to "translate" them to English. I want the results of this to be available to all. And if this saves you some work, then my site has served its purpose.

In 2003, my wife and I walked the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrim route across the north of Spain. It was a beautiful experience and the people we met were wonderful, making it a significant event in our lives. The Camino pages include some photo memories of that epic journey.

For family members and friends in other places who might be interested, I have put many of our personal photos on the site.

In mid 2006 I spent three months back-packing around South America on a very tight budget. The record of that trip is in the Blog and travel pages.

Have fun!!

This entire site was developed and is maintained by Chris
-- with the indispensable help of Paul (the guru)
last updated Dec 2016