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Chris and Marys' House

Purchased 1998
Morningside, Brisbane, Australia

When we bought the house it was fairly unattractive. The design was the original from the 1950's and the internal colours were atrocious. I moved from the north coast and lived in the house for seven weeks while I rebuilt the inside to give us a better overall layout and an ensuite. This involved more or less removing all the inside walls and rebuilding them, as well as changing several windows.

Later we built a covered back deck which we use frequently for meals. In 2006 I expanded the tiny front deck which then allowed us to swap the main entrance with the existing window. So the lounge room no longer has an entrance pathway through it. This in turn made it possible to move my computer station upstairs and to re-configure the lounge-dining layout.

We have built several rooms downstairs to serve as storerooms, laundry, ironing-sewing and a spare bedroom. In addition, there is space which we use as a workshop for both Mary and myself, as well as parking for the car.


house lounge lounge bath
House 1998 House again Lounge Lounge
spa dining-kit dining_kit office
Former bedroom Former Kitchen Corridor Corridor
office_from_deck deck back_deck garden
Bath & toilet Bath Main bedroom All walls out
office_from_deck deck back_deck garden
Gutted bath Gutted lounge Remove windows New windows
office_from_deck deck back_deck garden
New walls start Plasterers Stairs moved House repainted
office_from_deck deck back_deck garden
Back deck Front deck Finished deck New entrance
office_from_deck deck
New Lounge New dining-lounge